Sunday, September 18, 2011

Live Blogging the Red Carpet for The Emmy Awards

Watching E! Live on the Red Carpet...
  • Love the color of Cobie Smulders dress.
  • The Modern Family girls have arrived.  I like Sarah Hyland's dress but not Ariel Winter's.  Not age appropriate, IMO.
  • How tall is Cat Deeley?  Or how short is Ryan Seacrest?
  • Julie Stiles looks lovely.
  • Lea Michele  - not loving those shoulder pads but the back of it looks nice.
  • Don't like the ruffles on Jayma Mays' dress.
  • Lots of red dresses early on.
  • Jane Lynch is the best.  She will be great tonight.
    • This Rain Wilson interview is horrible.
    • So is the one with Paula Abdul.
    • Minka Kelly looks like she is going to a funeral.
    • Kayle Cuoco looks nice but I would have preferred color instead of a black dress.  Not a fan of the different color finger nail polish but she is young enough to pull it off.
    • Darren Criss looks handsome, of course!
    • Julianna Margulies - what is going on with your dress?  Your husband is so your best accessory!
    • Kathy Griffin is wearing the color of the night.
    • Christina Hendricks...not loving the color of your dress or the hair.  Love how Ryan didn't say Geoffrey's last name.  It's Arend.  
    • The Dior commercial/film is pretty cool.  Nice special effects.
    • WTH Time Warner Cable?!  No E! HD?!
    • Adam Scott!  
    • Jimmy Fallon!
    • I find Aubrey Plaza's dress very interesting.  Not loving the hair though.
    • Seth Meyers!
    • Joel McHale!  In a white tux jacket (but are his sleeves too short?)!  And he's going to be singing?!  Can't wait!
    • Elisabeth Moss from Mad Men looks lovely.
    • Lena Headey looks hot.  
    • Red and Black dresses seem to be the norm.  Boo.
    • Melissa McCarthy looks nice.  Love her.  This is so her year.
    • "Do you own anything that you are wearing tonight?"  Dumbest question ever on the red carpet.
    • This Cowboy/49ers game better be over within 45 minutes.
    • Zooey Deschanel, I love you but the hair is a little too poofy for me.  And the dress is a little bridesmaidy.
    • Julie Bowen looks harsh.  I wish she would have softened her look.
    • Naya Rivera - that's how you make a black dress look hot. 
    • Sofia Vergara has a clothing line at Kmart?!
    • I feel like Amy Poehler wears the same dress every awards show.  Will Arnet is hysterical.  I hope you are trending.
    • Gwyneth Paltrow's cut out stomach dress is too much for me.  2 shy from an EGOT?!  She can do it.
    • Rob Lowe has a good looking family.
    • Topher Grace!
    • John Krasinski!
    • Love the color of Dianna Agron's dress but the the top doesn't help her at all.
    • Jon Hamm!  Jennifer Westfieldt looks lovely in yellow.
    • Kate Winslet looks lovely but also in red...sigh.
    • Noticing the men wearing more bow ties then neck ties this year.
    • Heather Morris' dress is different.  I like it.
    • Kristen Wiig with a lovely brown dress.  
    In bow ties.

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