Saturday, April 6, 2013


What I liked:

  • It's a great story about love, equality, dedication, loyalty, and baseball.
  • Harrison Ford is the biggest name on this film.  The best part, you don't see Ford on screen.  You see Branch Rickey.
  • Chadwick Boseman plays a great Jackie Robinson.  I am glad that they hired a relative unknown for the role.  If it was a big name, Robinson would have been lost.
  • Nicole Behaire has great chemistry with Boseman and plays Rachel Robinson well.
  • Superb supporting cast: Christopher Meloni, Ryan Merriman, Lucas Black, Andre Holland, Alan Tudyk, Hamish Linklater, T.R. Knight, John C. McGinley, Max Gail, Brad Beyer, James Pickens Jr., and Derek Phillips. 

What I didn't like:
  • That is one giant newborn baby.

Grade: A

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