Sunday, June 2, 2013

Stories We Tell

What I liked:

  • Sarah Polley wrote and directed this film about her life, specifically her mother and who her father might or might not be.  It's very personal and very courageous of Polley to share this story in this way.
  • The interviews with Polley's family and friends were informative, funny, and meaningful.
  • Spoilish Alert - the video footage of her families' home movies aren't real.  They were made for this film which surprised me.  Great casting there.
  • I liked the way she merged the different points of few of the same story.

What didn't like:
  • I would have liked more of a timeline for some of the events.  
  • I would have liked more of a description of who the interviewees were.  The family members were easier to remember who was who than the friends and acquaintances of her parents.

Grade: B+

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