Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Snow White and the Huntsman

What I liked:
  • Visually stunning.
  • Wonderful cinematography.
  • Fantastic special effects.  They made full grown men look like dwarfs!  They aged and then made younger, Charlize Theron, in a blink of an eye.  The whimsical forest with all of it's unique creatures was so life like!
  • I am not a fan of Kristen Stewart but I liked her in this role.
  • Charlize Theron never looked better.  She played the perfect evil queen.
  • Chris Hemsworth was born to swing around a hammer or ax.  I can't imagine him playing a modern day character but I hope he does.
  • Sam Claflin reminds me of a young Michael Vartan.
  • The rest of the supporting cast was great: Sam Spruell, Ian McShane, Bob Hoskins, Ray Winstone, Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan, Toby Jones, Johnny Harris, Brian Gleeson, Vincent Regan, and Liberty Ross.
  • There is a great battle scene.  It reminded me of Games of Thrones.
  • Loved the lighting.  When it was dark, it was dark and when it was light, it was natural and beautiful.
  • Wonderful score.  Florence + The Machine was the perfect choice to sing the closing song.
  • The story pays homage to the classic Disney one that we all grew up on but adds it's own unique twists.
  • I am always down with a good heroine.
  • Has archery become popular in schools again because it is very popular in the movies.  We have William in this film, Katniss in The Hunger Games, and Hawkeye in the Avengers.

What I didn't like:

  • The audience couldn't believe that the King would marry a stranger after one day.  The audience actually snickered at this.  They could have developed a longer relationship so it was more believable.
  • There was also some snickering when Snow White just happens to come across a horse after she escapes.  
  • I was annoyed that it was a great hardship for Snow White and the Huntsman to travel yet the "bad guys" seemed to have no issues.

Side note:
  • The body count is high in this film.  It's not for kids.

Grade: A-

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