Saturday, March 31, 2012

Missed Connections

What I liked:

  • It's a hilarious take on the modern dating world.
  • The dialogue was smart, funny, and real.
  • The acting was well played.
  • I like all of the serendipitous moments.
  • It was written by and stars Kenny Stevenson.
  • It also stars Dorien Davies, Shane Elliott, Alex Enriquez, Abraham Smith, Julie Mitchell, Avi Rothman, Samantha Klein, Scott Beehner, and Mitch Sipla.
  • It has a great soundtrack.
  • There's a running joke about Three Men and a Baby.

What I didn't like:

To see a clip from the film, click here
Winner of the American Independent Award at the Cleveland International Film Festival.
Check out Dorien Davies' blog about her experience at CIFF here.

Grade: A

1 comment:

  1. I saw it at the festival and loved it. It had a great script and the people in it looked like real people. The running joke was funny in that everyone seemed to agree that the film with the autographs was a valuable commodity. Naked friend that kept popping up in dreams was a clever touch.